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The turn up Peter’s Canyon

Omg well today I did hike 2 of 10 at Peter’s Canyon in Orange. In the beginning it seemed like it would be a short and easy hike but once we passed the easy part, my best friend and I decided to challenge ourselves and boy was it a challenge. The first hill seemed so steep from far away then when we got to the beginning it didn’t look so bad. Once we started walking up and looked down it started to look really steep again. Lol. At the top there was a lot of going up and down. Its like every little turn there would be another hill. And the trail was really rocky so I suggest you wear some good shoes. There was the usual animals; bunnies, birds, frogs. There were signs for rattle snakes and bob cats but don’t worry we didn’t come across either. More beautiful views no doubt. I actually saw the Orange hot air balloon in Irvine and I could see the coast! I love the view. The hike was good too. Lol.

^And we have arrived at Peter’s Canyon^

^I love water views^

^I see a……^

^Gulp, gulp, gulp^

^Yup we attempted that^

^And we made it!! We were once down by that little area of water.^

^So we saw this on the side of the trail….still don’t understand what it meant. Did someone die here maybe?? Who knows. I just might have to research that.^

^We finished!!!! yay!^

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