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A touch of Hollywood

Another thing crossed off my list! This doesn’t go on my list of 10 hikes because I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time. Me, my mom, and my best friend Jhicel attempted and completed the hike up to the Hollywood sign. I felt so accomplished when we reached the top and looked down at every hill we came up! It seemed so far away when we were at the bottom looking up. I didn’t think we would make it because certain spots were a mission! Lol. As soon as we made it I got an overwhelming feeling knowing that I was a fence away from the very famous historic Hollywood sign. Now every time I’m in Hollywood or just Los Angeles itself I will look up at the sign I will remember the day I stood just feet behind it.

^Ready for the mission!^

^The view from the start^

^view from the top^

^Who’s gonna bail me out of jail? lol jk^

^Just a $103 fine? I’m down^

^Me up front  and my mom and best friend behind me^

^Forest Law cemetery^

^LoL.. It’s supposed to be rotated to counter clockwise^

^Another view from the top^



^I ❤ LA^

^Saying goodbye to Hollywood….till next time :)^

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