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The upscale nightclub

So one of the goals on my DZP is to try 5 new clubs. Like many people I have that one or two nightclubs that I only go to. This is for a couple reasons. 1these are clubs that are pretty close to my house or close to friend’s houses. 2 they are clubs that my friends are most comfortable going to or have the most fun at. But sometimes if you go somewhere so many times, it just gets old. It becomes a routine. I’ve been wanting to try new places for a while but sometimes the people I go out with are unwilling to do the same. So I’ve chosen to get out of that comfort zone with or without them and go somewhere new. Over the weekend I went to The Shark club in Costa Mesa, Ca. I was pretty impressed. The club beyond nice inside, way better than one of the clubs I usually go to. They had red suede love seats and couches all over. There was a huge shark tank in the middle of the building. There was a pool table, pole for go-go dancers, and a large stage for the DJ and more go-go dancers. And the dance floor was big enough for everybody to dance without stepping or breathing on one another. I really liked this place I would go again!



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