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Follow these guys!!!! @LASymphony / If i won the mega million

First of all I would like to say I am trying to win PAID DUeS tickets!! So everyone help and follow @LASymphony if ur on twitter!!!

Wow! So the Mega Million jackpot is up to about $500 MILION DOLLARS!!! That is a record high! #IfIWonTheMegaMillions is trending worldwide on twitter. Seeing that inspired me to make a page called “What I would do if..” This is basically gonna be a list of things I would do or buy if I won the Mega Millions Jackpot OR if I was simply rich enough  to do these things or buy what I want. And by simply rich, I mean make it in the music business and work for all this money.  I wanted to make it a page so it can always be there for me to look at to keep me motivated when I am struggling in school. It is there to keep my dream alive. Check it out if you’d like…maybe you will see something similar. We might just have some things in common.

Here is the link for my page.

What I would do if..

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