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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there, but especially to my mommy! I have seen my momma go through her share of trials and tribulations and through it all she has always come out with her head held high. One of the strongest women I know just like her mom, my yaya, may she rest in piece. It is said that daughters are always a spitting image of their mommas. And in these two cases it is most definitely true. My mom is just like her mom, in every way possible. Strength, hard workers, great sense of humor, kind, sweet, and their love for their children. I am happy and proud to say I have gotten all that from my mom as well. I don’t have children yet but I treat all my lil cousins as if they were. So thanks to my mom and my grandmother for passing everything they are/were to me! I LOVE YOU!



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