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I am me..


1 more day

So the time is just about here, my trip to Cancun, Mexico. I’m about 95% packed, just some last minute things and I’ll be done. Kinda nervous about the plane ride but praying everything will be okay. I should be able to get wifi at my hotel so I’ll be able to blog my experiences a they happen.



paradise… Cancun, Mexico.

Two more goals down…

Goals 26 and 27 are done! Goal 26 was to get a passport, and i finally got one due to my upcoming trip to Cancun, Mexico! Super exited! And goal 27 was to upgrade my phone. Finally did that.

Goodbye blackberry…

Another goal off my list. Upgraded my phone finally! Yay! Got a galaxy s2 epic 4g touch. I love it already! Still some getting used to because of the touch screen but other then that it’s great!


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