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Murs in concert

So last week I completed number 4 out of 5 mini goals on my Day Zero Project. Goal two on my DZP is to attend 5 concerts, yesterday I went to concert number 4! One of the things on my Christmas list was tickets to see underground hip-hop artist Murs. I didn’t think I would actually get them but come Christmas morning, I was in for a treat. I opened up the box, looked in the envelope and there they were. My mom and dad had gotten me two tickets to his show at the House Of Blues in Anaheim. I was so excited to finally see him live!
The show was amazing. He had a few rappers open up the show. One of them really caught my eye. I loved his energy and his music. I had never heard of him before that night but he sure made it to my top 5 favorites! Curtiss king is his name. His lyrics were so real. He wrote the songs he had performed and I loved all of them. They were songs from the heart.
Then came the time for Murs to come out. He came or full of energy. Jumping up and down. I can’t explain it. The energy he brought on stage spread throughout the crowd. While he was doing his last song I decided to head up to where tyre other artist were. I figured he would be coming up soon so I wanted to line up and try to get a picture with him.
It paid off to leave early because I got an autograph and a picture! People who don’t know who he is or don’t know his music wouldn’t think much of it but to me it meant a lot. His music got me through tough times. I was honored to meet him. It was a great way to end my year!


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