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Update on Kony 2012

Okay after further research, I have decided not to support this whole Kony 2012 campaign. I have done so because I feel there is more to this campaign that meets the eye. Meaning, there is a lot of things not adding up. There is no doubt that Kony is a bad guy and everything he has done is horrible, but there is a lot that makes me think this whole thing could be a scam. First of all why is only 31% of all funds donated going to the people of Uganda? When this whole thing is about helping the people of Uganda and catching Kony. The US already sent 100 marines to Uganda 5 months ago to help capture Kony. So why is the video just coming out? Could it be because Presidential elections are this year? Why is it all of a sudden the US wants to help another country? Why haven’t they done something like this in Mexico or Columbia? They have a lot going on over there too…and they are closer to home. Could they be helping Uganda because they (the US Gov) found that Uganda has oil? Could this be linked to the rising gas prices?

There is just so many lingering questions about this Invisible Children charity and Kony 2012 campaign.

I no longer support this cause.


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