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So here is my DayZeroProject. If you haven’t read my previous post about DZP here’s a break down of what it is. DayZeroProject is completing a list of 101 goals (things you want to do) in 1001 days. I will try to complete all or most of mine by the end of this year but of course, if I don’t, I still have my deadline. My actual deadline to complete my 101 goals is October 30, 2014! It is exactly 1001 days from today Febuary 1, 2012! Yes it might seem like forever but hey, things come up and I might not be able to do some stuff this year or even next. Well here it goes…

  1. Go whale watching
  2. Go to 5 concerts (5/5)
  3. Write a message in a bottle
  4. Tie a note to a balloon and let it fly
  5. Go to the Griffith Observatory
  6. Go camping (tent and all)
  7. Get my Associates degree
  8. Take a road trip to San Francisco
  9. Visit New York
  10. Get 5 more tattoos (1/5)
  11. Ride a beach cruiser down to the beach
  12. Save up and buy a MacBook Air
  13. Learn to ride a motorcycle (street bike)
  14. Hike up to the Hollywood sign
  15. Go to a monster truck show
  16. Visit any kind of mayan ruins
  17. Learn how to play 3 instruments (0/3)
  18. Reach my goal weight
  19. Get a full time job
  20. Volunteer for an organization  (2/3)
  21. Participate in The Color Run
  22. Read 10 new books (3/10)
  23. Go to a Laker game
  24. Visit Hearts Castle
  25. Take a train somewhere
  26. Get a passport
  27. Upgrade my phone
  28. Pay for someone’s order @ the Starbucks drive-thru behind me
  29. Go to a Drive-in theatre
  30. Be in 2 states at once
  31. Go on the roller coaster at New York New York in Vegas
  32. Complete 500-1000piece puzzle
  33. Give up fast food restaurants for Lent 40 days
  34. Attend a live taping of a tv show
  35. Take a trip with my cousins*
  36. Stay at a cabin in the snow
  37. Be part of a NOH8 photo shoot
  38. Jump off a rock into a body of water
  39. Participate in a mud run*
  40. Go to a wax museum
  41. Go to a water park
  42. Attend 4 pride celebrations (2/4)
  43. Build a blanket fort and sleep in it
  44. Make a chalk mural in my driveway
  45. Try snowboarding
  46. Try 3 different kind of foods I have never tried before (0/3)
  47. Come out to my dad
  48. Go paintball shooting
  49. Do 10 Ellen dance dares (0/10)
  50. Go to the Los Angeles Zoo
  51. Go to the Queen Mary
  52. Go on 4 Hollywood/movie studio tours (0/4)
  53. Have a snow ball fight
  54. Go to a shooting range
  55. Take pictures in a photo booth (1/5)
  56. Go to Disneyland during Christmas
  57. Travel to another country
  58. Get in my car and drive with no destination
  59. Have a picnic
  60. Visit the Aquarium of the Pacific
  61. Put away $10 for each goal completed
  62. Drive down PCH
  63. Visit Griffith park
  64. Go to The Grove in LA
  65. Try 3 new clubs (1/3)
  66. Visit Santa Monica (Third Street Promenade)
  67. Go on a gondola ride
  68. Hike 10 different canyons (3/10)
  69. Go to a movie in the park
  70. Go to a concert in the park
  71. Buy a homeless person food
  72. Don’t use the internet for a whole weekend (including phone browser)
  73. Get to 101 posts on my blog
  74. Movie challenge: movie starting with each letter of the alphabet. (6/26)
  75. Dance in the rain
  76. Photo challenge. 100 photos that represent who I am and things I like (0/100)
  77. Give up alcohol for a month
  78. Adopt a new pet
  79. Buy a Laker jersey
  80. Jump into water fully clothed*
  81. Build my very own custom beer pong table
  82. Re-arrange my room
  83. Visit the Holocaust museum
  84. Bake a cake or cookies for someone (2/3)
  85. Visit Crystal Cove
  86. Go shopping in Venice Beach
  87. Win prizes from games (@fairs, amusement parks, etc.) (0/10)
  88. Get a new piercing
  89. Completely clean my car (Wax and EVERYTHING)
  90. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower (in Vegas)
  91. Go zip lining
  92. Eat somewhere on PCH overlooking the ocean
  93. Buy a pair of Jordans
  94. Go snorkeling
  95. Go to Old Town San Diego
  96. Complete a DIY project in the backyard
  97. Take a hot air balloon ride
  98. Watch the fountains at Bellagio in Vegas
  99. Go to Los Grandes
  100. Have dinner by candlelight
  101. Answer the “50 questions that will free your mind”

Extra goal: Start new DZP list once this one is completed

In progress
* updated goals

2 thoughts on “DayZeroProject

  1. Good job gurlie!!! And good luck :)) you’re gonna have so much fun!

  2. the immortal fire on said:


    I’m doing the 101 goals 1001 days challenge too. I think this challenge is a great idea to get motivated and actually do the things we say we wanna do right?

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