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Grey’s Anatomy

Ok so my new obsession has been Grey’s Anatomy. That show is so addicting, it’s ridiculous. I admit I started watching because I found out there was a lesbian couple on Even though that didn’t come till the later seasons, I started from season 1. Best show ever! I can’t believe I’m saying this but it beats my all time favorite, Friends. Grey’s had moved to my #1 favorite show.



Back at it…

Wow I can’t believe is been a little over a month since my last post. Well since my last post, I went to Cancun, Mexico, I started school, got my new phone (if I haven’t mentioned it before), set up my pinterest and instagram. I’ll post up usernames so you can follow there as well. I’ll be back on my blogging site so stay tuned 🙂

I am me..


1 more day

So the time is just about here, my trip to Cancun, Mexico. I’m about 95% packed, just some last minute things and I’ll be done. Kinda nervous about the plane ride but praying everything will be okay. I should be able to get wifi at my hotel so I’ll be able to blog my experiences a they happen.



paradise… Cancun, Mexico.

Two more goals down…

Goals 26 and 27 are done! Goal 26 was to get a passport, and i finally got one due to my upcoming trip to Cancun, Mexico! Super exited! And goal 27 was to upgrade my phone. Finally did that.

Goodbye blackberry…

Another goal off my list. Upgraded my phone finally! Yay! Got a galaxy s2 epic 4g touch. I love it already! Still some getting used to because of the touch screen but other then that it’s great!


Rock the Bells 2012

The one and only traveling hip hop festival, Rock the Bells, is just around the corner. This year it has the most amazing line-up! Pretty pricy but worth it. Here’s all the info u need…

•San Bernardino, CA

8/18-8/19 @ the NOS Event Center

2 Day tickets only

GA: $199


Etiwanda Falls

Added another hike to my list! woohoo! Hit up Etiwanda Falls in Rancho Cucamonga this past weekend and the weekend before with my best friend and her sister. I was dying both times on the way up, more the second time since we got hit with a heat wave (not good). Once I got to the top I forgot about the hike up. The creek and waterfall made me forget everything. It is so beautiful up there. If you are in the area I suggest you take the hike up to the waterfalls, you wont regret it. A lot of the hike is somewhat steep so be careful.

Julissa Veloz

I found a new favorite singer this weekend!! Julissa Veloz! She was on season 8 of American Idol, but was eliminated during group rounds. She has talent and a lot of people noticed. Soon after she was signed to record label Carrillo Music , owned by DJ Rob Carrillo. She performed right before Dev and I’m glad she did!  She is at the top of my faves list!! Can’t wait to add her to my ipod!!

A little of Julissa’s music…

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