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So I follow Romi Klinger and Rose Garcia on twitter and through them I found out about this brand WakeupCallTees. What is it? Its a clothing brand that has much more meaning than just being a brand. “WakeupCallTees is a lifestyle and a movement. Their shirts are made to represent, inspire and support the life you live, PROUDLY!” (Via) I just love their statement, “Look sexy while making an even sexier statement!” and I plan to! Hoping to get my shirts, bracelets, and hoodies before LB Pride comes around! WakeupCallTees also has The Real Collection which consist of tees by Rose Garcia. There will soon be another collection added to the WakeupCallTees site, Casa Por Vida by Romi Klinger. This collection will be out soon!

Here is just a couple tees so you can see what this is all about!

From The Real Collection..

Check out the site! There’s more to see!!! WAKEUPCALLTEES

They are on twitter as well. @WakeupCallTees

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